2023 Litter

A big congrats to our Miss Breezy for her delivery of these wonderful 8 pups.

We were surprised to have 1 "little" girl born with 7 "big" boys.    They were born Oct 8th.

They will be 5 weeks old and ready to "select" during the week of Nov 13th to 17th

They will be 7 weeks old and ready to be picked up after Nov 29th.  This will give us some time to get Vet stuff handled after they are 7 weeks old, considering the Thanksgiving holiday .

They will be 8 weeks old and ready for possible flights after Dec. 5th.  

We will post regular updates about every 7 to 10 days as these pups grow, so you can watch them all along the way.  

Update Dec 13

Aaaaand then there were 2!  These two are such a hoot to still have around together for now.  Mr. Green is getting ready to go to his new family and we are looking for a family for this handsome Mr. Gray.  We hope you enjoy today's video that shows them both out and about having a great experience to prepare them for the real world.  Let us know if you feel like Mr. Gray could be a match for your family.  

Update Dec 6

We have some video from a few different times as we have played with the pups at our pavilion.  We try to get the pups really tuckered out for their drives to their new homes.  Some were early visits in the day and others were mid afternoon.  Regardless of the time and temperatures, these pup know how to confidently have fun.  It may not be super obvious, but the fenced play yard area is quite steep in some areas, and the leaves also presented some novel adventures that the pups really enjoyed.  It's always fun to spend a few minutes with the new families as they arrive and we go over all their questions.  We feel very blessed to have them join our extended furry family.  It's worth noting that these pups are still "small" even though they are about 10x their birth size.   It's always fun to have the families arrive, expecting a bigger pup, to learn that "the camera really does add 10 lbs" and the pups are still small and cuddly.    We have our pavilion winterized for sour weather if needed and the pups really enjoy the extra measures we take to keep them comfy while waiting for their new families to arrive.  

Update Nov 28

It's getting exciting.  These pups are now old enough for going to their furever homes.  We've had the first round of pups to the Vet for the final check ups and first rounds of shots and they are now trickling out to their new families.  We'll be taking some pups to meet their families and other families will be coming to get theirs.  It's always fun to meet the new families when we can.  This short little video was done while it was cold outside, but we have "winterized" our little 16x 20  pavilion so it's a bit reminiscent of a green house.   Very handy to keep the weather out for the pups to play in less than ideal conditions.  We like to let the pups visit our pavilion so they get a chance to go for a short ride up our driveway to it and get to explore someplace different from their usual house experience with us.    You may notice that some of these toys need supervision.  The pups have worked together to get some of it to fray the fabric.  We're pretty conscience of these scenarios and get them clipped as needed, and often discarded after so that we don't have any feet/legs get tangled.  This was the first time we have used some of these toys and they are duds.  Haven't held up to the task for us.  Anyways, the pups have fun while they can and we hope you enjoy this latest video.  

Update Nov 24

We should come up with some name for this "puppy bowl" play time the day after Thanksgiving.  Since it's pretty chilly out, the pups are playing in the family room and having a riot with each other.  This is full puppy power for them at this age, and they can keep this up for about  45 mins to 1 hour before they start to let up and slow down a little.  It's pretty funny to see all their antics.  They really love their toys during this time.  We generally only let them have toys at this age with our supervision, unless we know the toy is absolutely puppy proof, and these toys are not.  The pups think it's a real treat to get them when they're out playing.   But as soon as they are just the slightest bit bored of them, they start to show interest in all of us around them in the room and you can see them begin to watch the perimeter of the room to see what we're up to.  They are all getting very smart and very athletic.

Update Nov 16

On such a warm afternoon, we couldn't resist getting the pups out for some playtime.  We took the opportunity to do a little bit of car conditioning (in the truck actually) to help prepare the pups for future traveling to and with their families.  We have a very large puppy travel pen and set up at the fully fenced grounds of a church that is settled in a rural area amidst a large field, so there's no "dog traffic" in it.  The pups did great on the short ride and we brought along the puppy crates so the pups could have some playtime fun with them and help create a positive association with them.   This was the pups first adventure here and they acclimated immediately, which is what we look for them to do, so that we're confident in their mental resiliency preparing them for the big changes of going to their future homes.  We also decided to take a few photos of the pups during this time.  It's actually really challenging to get some decent photos of pups at this age, but we found a few that seemed fun.

Update Nov 13

These pups are now 5 weeks old.  It's "selection time"  and they are all amazing.  Of course, we're biased, and feel like you can't go wrong with any one of them.  We hope these observations  of their puppy personalities we share and a fresh up close look at them all will help you agree.  We're delighted to help all you families make the choice of which pup will be a good match in your homes.  Let us know if you have any questions. 

Update Nov 10

The level of adorable is at "max."  They are so full of life and there personalities have popped!  We can see who they are becoming at this point as they start to work out their little hierarchy within their little world.   They are right on track with their growth trajectory that we want to see, especially during this weaning stage and transitioning to solid foods.    They treat each other like chew toys and are figuring out their "soft mouths" as they go.  They also use each other as speed bumps when possible.  Our little enrichment obstacles are doing their job by providing small ways for them to practice problem solving.    We try really hard to give each pup a good amount of time in the spotlight for these videos.  Sometimes the pups spend enough time hovering around us during the video, that we forget they may not have had their fair share of fame.  If we didn't get enough of one this time around, we'll try for more of them next time.  Until then, enjoy!

Update Nov 4

The action has begun!  The pups are pretty mobile now and starting to play wrestle, explore more and figure this big world out.  We have introduced some of our "obstacles" for them to navigate through and climb on.  These are really helpful for their confidence level.  In today's video, you'll notice them tumble a little on the wood shavings as they figure out their footing any place the wood shavings are thinly spread on the floor where their paws shovel them away during nursing time. This is somewhat useful for them to develop some of their balance and keeping a good stable posture (think slick mud/snow/ice as they grow up in your home).   It's always funny to watch the pups walk around because they have not figured out any traffic control amongst themselves and some one ends up getting T-boned or completely run over top of.  They are acclimating well to new sights, sounds and smells.  We continue to interact with them throughout the day to help condition them for having a positive vibe for humans.  You'll notice that Breezy is always keen for our attention and that also rubs off on the pups as they see their momma interact with us.  We actually have to somewhat restrain her now for video time and working with the pups, so that she doesn't hog us all to herself.   Breezy is continuing to nurse the pups as we start the very gradual weaning process this week.  The pups have some teething happening and Breezy will start to wean them herself if we don't.  Those litle shark teeth hurt.  The pups have been introduced to water, some soft foods and even some crunchy kibble and they are fun to watch as they figure out they can't swim in their food.  From here forward, the videos get tricky to keep the pups away from/off of the little GoPro camera as it gets close to them.  A couple of the pups noticed it today and they will all start to figure it out and want to chase it like a toy.  As they look at the camera, you'll notice their still baby blue eyes that will eventually turn somewhat green and finally turn to a golden rust that matches their coat.

Update Oct 27th

Today's video is somewhat short and sweet.  The puppy's eyes are now open and they are getting more mobile.   They are really getting bigger everyday.   They are mobile enough to climb/crawl out of it's 5 inch height and sometimes not too crazy about climbing back in, so Breezy was trying to manage the "outies" and the "innies" at the same time.   They have all taken turns figuring out how to get out and explore farther.   Their "play" time was definitely first thing this morning as we removed the whelping box area.   This gave each one a chance to explore all at the same time.  They didn't go too far across the room, but that will come very soon now.    With their new expanding territory, we introduce the "whole room shavings" process that really assists with keeping everything sanitary.  It's like a huge hamster space for them all and they don't need to worry about pee puddles, plus the shavings clump nicely to the poops to keep them all clean.    So they pretty much now where the warmest part of the radiant heated floor is and they love their cuddle time there.  The video was kinda short because I just couldn't get them to wake up and play.  Generally, if you move a sleeping pup, they will wake up looking to eat, unless they are super tuckered out.  Also, Breezy was really competing for my attention and made it tricky to get the pups on camera without Breezy wanting to accidentally step on them trying to get in front of me.  I should have just let her run around the house but the kids were working on projects and the rain was really starting to hit us which meant outside wasn't a great option either.    It's super interesting to see the change in the Momma's as their puppy hormones change their personalities and as those hormones change, then they start to get back to their more "normal" bouncy Vizsla selves.  Breezy has done amazing for the last few weeks getting these pups taken care of and her "normal" self is starting to come back.  

Update Oct 20th

The fall season has arrived and that means we like to "eat" a little more than usual.  These pups are no exception.  When the milk flows, you can hear the pups start gulping it.  Their top priority is to get as much as they can, then step two is making sure they sing each other a lullaby and "wobbly crawl" around to find a snuggle spot to sleep off their milk hangover, then repeat.    Momma Breezy has continued to be a very attentive mom.  It's actually been fun to see her naturally play favorites with Lil' Miss Pink.  Breezy will specifically single her out to snuggle her at times.  Can you hear her snoring in the video?  All this mom stuff is serious work!  Of course, you can see that the boys are not feeling left out in any way.  They all continue to grow at the pace we expect for this age.  If you look close enough, when they are not eating, you can see that their eyes have barely started to open and are about 1/3 of the way unsealed.  They will finish opening in about the next few days.  The pups are likely seeing things somewhat "cloudy' as this happens and their vision will improve steadily going forward.   Also, if you look closely, you'll notice they are also ready for their first pawdicure.  We'll be trimming their nails for the first time soon.  They are all trying very hard to become weight bearing on their legs and do less "scooting" around on their bellies.   Being as round as they are, it's not uncommon for them to completely roll over and startle themselves slightly.    Breezy has give us some gorgeous pups the leaves are beautiful, life is a gift and we're excited to share this week's video with you.

Update Oct 14th

Can you tell these pups are growing.  We can!  They are all on track for doubling their birth weight within their first week.  Even little Miss Pink has almost doubled her weight within the last 4 days.   As you can see, in this week's video, these pups are proficient at getting their tummies full.   There are no free meals and they do have to work to get the milk to let down from the glands, but they get the job very well.  Their ears are still quite sealed and it's fun to see inside them when they flop open.  All their tails and dew claws are looking nice and should be finished healing within the next few days.  Miss Breezy has been very tender with her pups and is keen to see they all stick right close by.  The coat colors they have are all amazing and we love this newborn phase.  We hope you enjoy today's video.