Canine Cancer Info

We feel like we've been breeding our lines long enough to know that we don't have cancer "prone" lines.  Nonetheless, we do want to educate the masses about how important several variables are in order to set your pup up for success with a healthy opportunity in life.  

Dr. Karen Becker is one of the most well known Veterinarians that is out there.  She puts the health of our furry friends first and backs up her positions with break through studies that challenge the routines of the past.

Please visit this page and watch the introductory video that shares some insights about the canine cancer epidemic.

We have paid for the seminar above and have watched the information and are doing what we can to help ensure our dogs are healthier than the average and are implementing principles of this information into how we raise our pups to try to give them a good start in life.

This is a free video about food and dog cancer -