About the Breed

This is why we love the Versatile Vizsla

Great family companions - Great looking - Very intelligent - Short coat (less hair mess) - Low odor (it's true!) - Great Hunters - Fun - Lively


Energetic, loving, and eager--The Vizsla has been called the "velcro" dog. They love their people and are eager for their people to love them. The Vizsla's energy seems endless and they can run and run for miles. They are intelligent and you can literally see them thinking, and yes at times they even seem to have a sense of humor. A very versatile dog--they can transition from driven hunter or running companion to a couch potato buddy seamlessly. While any and every dog should be supervised with young children, the Vizsla is known as a good family dog.


Brought into Europe by the invading Magyars these dogs were quickly appreciated for their wonderful qualities. They come from the area that is now Hungary and so they are referred to as the Hungarian Vizsla or Magyar Vizsla. Once reserved for royalty and nobles, they are now more widely owned. But they have not lost their sense of royalty and they carry themselves in a very distinguished and regal fashion.

What to expect when raising a Vizsla

Fun, love, and a little mischief! These dogs have loads of personality and their intelligence makes them curious and quick learners. As puppies they will get into trouble (as all do) but they are very trainable and with a little patience and consistency you will have a wonderful dog! They will need lots of exercise as they are bred to have almost endless energy. Because of this they are best suited as part of an active household where their people like to get out and will frequently take them along. As they do not get a winter coat they do not do well in cold environments for extended periods of time. If in a northern climate, then they will need to be able to spend time in the home or a have access to a heated area. See this link under Cold Climate Options. Their short coat has some major advantages since it helps them to have much less "doggy odor" than most breeds, and their short hair cleans up easily.

Favorite Links for References

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