DOB : 2017/10/28



Photo Album Here

Fern is a great part of our family.

As we set out with our long range plans, we have chosen to keep a pup every once in a while so that we have first hand experience with our efforts and also keep our lineage for the future. She is one of the pups we have produced here as the result of our breeding program.

We are very pleased with her overall appearance. She has a great coat color and medium build. Her head shape is very well proportioned and keeps up with that regal Vizsla look. We tend to keep our dogs on the "full" side of the weight spectrum since we know they need it for lactation when their pups arrive and Fern finds that balance with her strong build too. She is always eager to play and run outside, but still enjoys being close with us and seeks out our affection.

We will be trying something new with the photos of our dogs. We've had several people ask about the differences of our dogs in size, color and temperament. We'll do our best to give a description of their temperament and we will also update all their photos over time to something similar above. We'll try to take photos of each of our dogs in one consistent area so that people can get a better idea of their size and color. In order to provide some proportion, we'll mark the handrail as shown above and keep the camera at a consistent location so that people can see the various size differences. Hopefully this will provide some better perspective about them. We will also add photos to each photo album as time goes on.