Vizslas are very intelligent. They will learn quickly.

Be careful what you teach them ... on purpose or not.

A Vizsla was the first to earn a triple championship in the show ring, agility and the field. So far, it's the only breed to have earned a quintuple championship. Their mind is capable of being trained from day 1 in your home, so be careful what you do with your puppy. If it's not going to be cute when they weigh 50 lbs then don't let them do it as a puppy. Your puppy also has no concept of right/wrong and many bad behaviors are perfectly natural for a puppy. So, your puppy can become easily confused without a comprehensive approach to training from day 1 in your home. Also, your puppy is capable of stacking behaviors. For example, they might learn that doing something "bad" equals that they will be corrected and then praised/rewarded.

A good dog is worth 110% of what you pay for it. No matter what breed it is, the training is a significant part of how much you'll enjoy your dog for years to come. This is so true.

The training is comprised of online videos that allow you to train your puppy using step by step instructions during each stage of your puppies development. We have been paid in excess of $1,500 to train puppies using this program. There are many training techniques and philosophies and our program has been tailored to the unique characteristics of the Vizsla temperament.

Training video access can also be purchased separately for $400 if you have purchased a puppy from another breeder and would like to use a proven system of training.

The biggest training mistakes you need to avoid are:

- Being harsh. Our training is a gentle approach that revolves around a positive reinforcement technique. This is critical with a Vizsla.

- Being inconsistent.

- Misunderstanding your dog's language.

- Long training sessions.

- Not setting yourself up for success.

This obedience program will teach you proven techniques of how to:

  • Gently establish yourself as leader.
  • Figure out what motivates your dog so it wants to learn and wants to obey you.
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Recall
  • Wait/Stay
  • Drop it
  • Heel and leash manners
  • Stop Mouthing
  • and more.