We love the Vizsla.     They are intelligent.     They love life.

Their energy rubs off on you.

They love their families and the great outdoors.

Special Note:  We added a fenced play area adjacent to our family pavilion that is on our wooded back yard.  This gives us an "open air" meeting place for people to come. We modified the handrail and made a little access spot for pups to go from the pavilion to the play area.    We hope the video below will give you an idea of what we are talking about.  There's also some cameo appearances of Vizsla testing it out.  Who would have thought that would happen around here.  

Our family loves to spend time outdoors.  Our dogs do too, so it's a great match. 

***  Genetics  -  100% AKC pure bred Hungarian Vizlsa ***

- We have never line bred or in-bred.  We thoroughly check bloodlines and pedigrees to ensure a diverse genetic background. 

- We never over breed.  A female dog "can" have more than one litter a year but that doesn't mean it's healthy for them. So, we don't do that. 

- This breed is so versatile.  Our intent is to help maintain the breed's many strengths.  We seek to breed well rounded dogs and focus on sound temperament, conformation, health, companionship with humans and their natural hunt abilities.  

- We are selective with our Sire/Dam.  Our pedigrees have many titles in their lines and it shows.  We feel like the combination of our Vizslas will produce a healthy puppy that will mature into a great representation of the breed.  We have gone to great effort to provide in depth details and photos about our Sire/Dam so you can compare our Vizsla to others.  We know you'll have confidence in choosing our pups from wherever you are.

- We have passed all the health screenings we have done, like the Penn Hip and OFA Hip and OFA elbow test.  We have also screened for and are clear of Brucellosis.  

- We would not breed if there were any genetic health defects.  

As a side note, we don't "retire" one of our gals and sell her just because she gets too old to have puppies.  She is part of our family for life.

 ***  Surroundings - Because it matters *** 

- To us, our Vizsla are not "live stock" animals.  We are not a volume breeder or large Kennel.  We are Vizsla enthusiasts and just happen to be barely savvy enough to have built our own website from scratch to make your life and ours a little easier. We built it to answer your questions and provide helpful info regardless of whether you pick a puppy from us or not.  We offer pups from our limited number of litters. We want everyone to be responsible breeders and smart new puppy owners.

- Our dogs and our puppies receive individual attention and care.  Katie is a stay at home mom of our kids and Vizslas.  

- We start before the puppy is even on it's way.  We take great care of our Vizslas prior to breeding so they are happy and healthy parents.

- We always attend the whelping of our puppies even though this means many long and sleepless nights.    

- We are fortunate to have a great situation that allows our puppies to be kept in our home at proper temperatures and in clean and sanitary circumstances.

- No heat lamps here.  The non-stop light from them can affect the puppy's natural day/night cycles.  We use different climate control systems that work even better than heat lamps. 

- The puppy is raised in a home environment. Here they get early neurological stimulation, and are exposed to many new experiences to help with socialization.  They are socialized with adults, kids and our Vizslas.  We interact with the puppies in various places so they are accustomed to different things like carpet, tile, laminate, concrete, grass or snow, dirt, rocks, water, etc.

- We live in a Vizlsa paradise and our dogs love it.  We feel like this contributes to their balanced temperament and helps them produce happy puppies.

- These first 8 or so weeks are critical in shaping the future of your puppy.  We know you may not be close enough to come visit, so we try to be very transparent in showing you how and where your puppy is raised.  

 ***  Nutrition and Health - They are what they eat and we give them the best *** 

- Your puppy is given a HIGH quality and balanced diet to help them develop properly. Our puppies are fed a mix of several high quality "puppy" or "all stages" dry kibbles.  These are highly rated foods recommended on www.dogfoodadvisor.com .  We also feed our puppies a raw meal.  We alternate this with the kibble, and they definitely prefer it over the kibble.  This consists of ground raw meat and bone, as well as organ meat and raw egg.  This is all mixed together into a delicious and HIGHLY nutritious meal for the puppies

- Of course, the first round of shots are done, tails are docked and dew claws removed.  But not by us.....these are all done professionally by our Vet.

- We keep close track of which pup is which using different collars and do frequent individual wellness reviews to make sure each puppy is developing properly. 

- Each puppy is professionally Vet checked and receives a Vet's health certificate before they leave us.   

- Besides being physically strong, our health focus includes mental and emotional well being. 

- We offer up to a 3 year health guarantee.

 *** And last but not least, YOU matter to us! *** 

Our family grows as you join it when you receive your pup.  We take this seriously.

 - We care about YOU.  We post lots of excellent pictures/videos and information on the puppies under the follow the litter link.  This allows you to connect with the puppies before they arrive at their forever homes.

 - We provide a very comprehensive puppy placement agreement so everyone is on the same page from the start. 

-  We are a partner with you as you raise your Vizsla.  We are happy to help you.  One of the goals of this site is to provide you with the resources you need for information.  After you receive your puppy, we will continue to be available to you.  We are happy to provide help and advice to you based on our experience with Vizslas.  This is a huge benefit for choosing a puppy from us versus other breeders.  

- You get access to our online library of training videos that helps you teach your puppy at each stage of it's development.

- We have a "rescue" policy.  We don't want any of "our" pups ending up in a shelter.  This is a long term commitment on our part and a great benefit for you should life throw a curve ball and the need should arise. 

- We screen prospective families to make sure they understand the Vizsla and to make sure their situation is a good fit.  We want you to be happy and know this is only possible when your puppy is happy.

- We send home a puppy care packet.  This has a piece of their litter's blanket.  The scent of their litter blanket will help them feel less anxiety about the transition to your forever home.  The packet also has their Vet records of shots received for you to follow through with.  You'll also get a small bag of food to help you transition into the food you will be feeding.  The packet has their AKC registration documents.  The packet also has the paperwork for the Micro Chip number and details.  

-  Each puppy is Micro Chipped.  This helps in recovering your dog if it becomes lost or stolen.  We know people can have dogs stolen.  A chip proves ownership.  The chips we use work in the US and internationally as well.

 *** Ready to compete in the show ring or field? *** 

- Each litter is AKC registered.

- Each puppy comes with "Limited" registration and will let you compete in many events.  If you plan to breed or show in the ring, we also offer "Full" registration.  


Above is a photo of one of our favorite places in northern Utah along the scenic Logan Canyon and at Bear Lake. 

Below is a photo of the warm springs that are the headwaters of the lake  close to our home.