DOB: 01 /19/2021


Penn Hip Scan

We love our "Miss Breezy at the Summit"

She has such a fun and loving personality.  

Her build is "Medium."   There are definitely smaller female Vizsla out there, but our group has a trend to be on the larger side of average, so it kinda makes our medium sized females appear smaller than they are.   She has a great balance and overall proportion both in scale and fine features. and a great overall coat color.

We have been hunting around to get some decent photos of her and we have yet to get some that do her justice, so stay tuned for those.  We'll just have to get by with her litter announcement video, which is barely a "pass" for her.  We almost feel like the video does not do her enough justice either.  In the video, you can tell that some of these brand new pregnancy hormones really has her wondering what on earth is going on inside of her, compared to our more experienced momma, Willow that is in this same video.  She has a great disposition and we're really confident she will do well as a momma.    The fun part is that Breezy and Willow are both second generation from our lines, out of the same momma, our Meadow, who is just a delight now as a retired "grandma" at our home.  We feel like Breezy has more of her momma's build in size and Willow has more of her Dad's build, as Willow is one of our taller females.    Enjoy this short little video.