Health Guarantee

At the time you place a deposit on a puppy, we will enter into this Health Guarantee and Agreement of Sale with you. Once payment has been received in full, we will sign a puppy purchase receipt.

Thanks for reading through this. We've never had a problem between us and someone we are placing a puppy with. (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

We hope to keep that track record going. We've tried to think through a few possible scenarios and have read through A LOT of other puppy agreements and have put this together. We hope it makes sense and gives everyone an upfront understanding of what to expect.

Health Guarantee and Agreement of Sale

1- In consideration of full payment received, Summit Vizsla agrees to provide a healthy, purebred, and AKC registerable Vizsla puppy. The puppy will have their first vaccinations, been started with de-worming, had their tail docked, dew claws removed, and a microchip implanted. The $100 hold deposit is non-refundable. Puppy selection order will be made in the order deposits are received based on registration preference and puppy gender preference. Full registration buyers will select first in the order those deposits were received. Then limited registration buyers will select puppies in the order those deposits came in. The male and female selections for each registration preference can happen simultaneously, as the next selection of one gender does not affect the selections of the other gender. The selection process will begin between 5 and 6 weeks of age. Buyers are welcome to come visit in person if they wish or Summit Vizsla will post detailed photos and info online. Buyers will be given two days to select their puppy when their turn comes. This will allow time for all buyers to go through the selection process. Payment can be in one lump sum, with full payment being due 24 hours prior to placement or shipment.

2- Puppy will be healthy when they leave Summit Vizsla. A vet exam will be completed prior to delivery to buyer to ensure well being. Buyers will need to continue with the normal vaccinations and dewormings to complete their immunizations, and to ensure ongoing good health. These vaccinations are the buyer's responsibility at the appropriate age. The puppy isn't completely immune until it's older and the buyer shall be responsible to keep the puppy in healthy surroundings to avoid possible exposure to infectious disease and/or parasite infection. Summit Vizsla has responsibly bred a Sire/Dam which is believed shall produce a fine representation of the Vizsla breed, however we cannot guarantee the final appearance of the puppy at maturity.

3- If a life threatening health condition manifests within 48 hours of placement, a certified diagnosis from a vet will be required in order for the Puppy to be returned and the Buyer agrees to transfer their payment to a subsequent litter. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, and the costs associated with Puppy's care until return to Summit Vizsla. We reserves the right to a second opinion. The buyer must notify us prior to shipping the puppy back, and receive our authorization of such action.

4- All puppies are guaranteed for 1 full year from their date of birth. We guarantee the Puppy to be free of life threatening genetic health defects, as well as Hip Dysplasia for either 1 or 3 years. For the full 3 year guarantee, puppy must be fed an age appropriate food from our acceptable foods list (see the foods list on website), and must not be spayed or neutered for the first three years. There is evidence that poor diet and early sexual altering can change bio-physical development that can contribute to hip dysplasia as well as other degenerative diseases. In the unlikely event a condition arises, a replacement Puppy will be provided from a future litter or a refund of the original puppy purchase price given at the discretion of Summit Vizsla. Injury and dietary induced hip and joint problems are not genetic and are preventable through cautious attention to diet and limits on the strenuous activity of a growing puppy--such cases are NOT covered by Summit Vizsla's health guarantee. All conditions must be diagnosed by a vet and all care and costs are at buyer's expense. We reserve the right to a second opinion performed by an independent vet.

5- This health guarantee is void if the Puppy has not had proper and timely vaccinations that are documented by vet records, reasonable care (including weight management), adequate diet (good quality AAFCO puppy rated food), healthy environment and surroundings (including proper wintertime shelter), and proper activity levels for the age of the dog.

6- Summit Vizsla’s rescue policy shall apply to any Summit bred puppy regardless of age. The puppy may be returned for any reason. All costs of shipment will be the buyer’s. In such case, full ownership is transferred back to Summit Vizsla. No refund will be issued.

7- At approx. 8-9 weeks old the puppies will be placed/shipped on the date designated by Summit Vizsla based upon the actual date of birth and readiness of the litter. This date will be known in advance and buyer will be notified. If this date conflicts with the Buyer’s schedule, then a $10/day boarding fee will apply at the discretion of Summit Vizsla. This must also be paid in full prior to delivery. If placement/shipment is delayed beyond 2 weeks (due to conflicts with Buyer's schedule or Buyer's failure to pay), then this agreement may be terminated at the discretion of Summit Vizsla, the $100 deposit will be forfeited and $10/day boarding fees will be held out from other payments received. The buyer will be refunded any remaining balance. Summit Vizsla will then place the puppy elsewhere. Summit Vizsla is approx. 5 hrs round trip to the airport. So, for airline shipping buyers, an additional $200 fee applies for our costs of transportation and the vet certification documentation for the airline requirements. This will also cover the smallest crate the airline will accept for your puppy. If you desire a larger crate then it will cost extra (it will also increase the price of the airline ticket). If your puppy is older or larger than usual there may also be an increase in the price for the crate. The price of the airline ticket is in addition to the $200.00 and is C.O.D. (cash on delivery) at the time you pick up the puppy and this cost shall be the buyer’s. If the buyer isn't able to pick up the puppy from the airline on time, then the airline will take the puppy to a local shelter and charge additional boarding fees. The buyer will be responsible to reimburse Summit Vizsla for any such charges that may be incurred.

8- In the event of any disputes, Kentucky Law applies and all disputes will be attempted to be resolved through mediation first prior to litigation. The prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney fees and associated costs. All official communications and notices shall be via email. Summit Vizsla will under no condition be liable for more than the original purchase price of the puppy, including attorney fees and associated costs.

9- Summit Vizsla has bred a Sire/Dam that is believed to be of sound temperament and it is expected the puppies produced will be sound as well. Since the final temperament of the puppy is largely determined by the environment and training it receives, Summit Vizsla does not guarantee temperament. Summit Vizsla is not responsible or liable for any aggression or injury or damage the dog may cause. It is the buyer’s responsibility to adhere to a training process for the lifetime of the dog. Summit Vizsla strongly recommends positive reinforcement techniques since harsh training methods may ruin an otherwise sound temperament.


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