Application and Contracts

Health Guarantee and Agreement of Sale

1- In consideration of full payment received, Summit Vizsla agrees to provide a healthy, purebred, and AKC registerable Vizsla puppy.  The puppy will have their first vaccinations, been started with de-worming, had their tail docked, dew claws removed, and a microchip implanted.  The $250 deposit is non-refundable, unless the pups arrive and we don't have enough boys/girls to meet the needs of the waiting list.  Puppy selection order will be made in the order deposits are received based on registration preference and puppy gender preference.  Full registration buyers will select first in the order those deposits were received.  Then limited registration buyers will select puppies in the order those deposits came in.  The male and female selections for each registration preference can happen simultaneously, as the next selection of one gender does not affect the selections of the other gender.  The selection process will begin between 5 and 6 weeks of age.  Buyers are welcome to come visit in person if they wish or Summit Vizsla will post detailed photos and info online.  Buyers will be given two days to select their puppy when their turn comes.  This will allow time for all buyers to go through the selection process.  Payment can be in one lump sum, with full payment being due 24 hours prior to placement or shipment.

2- Puppy will be healthy when they leave Summit Vizsla.  A vet exam will be completed prior to delivery to buyer to ensure well being.  Buyers will need to continue with the normal vaccinations and dewormings to complete their immunizations, and to ensure ongoing good health.  These vaccinations are the buyer's responsibility at the appropriate age.  The puppy isn't completely immune until it's older and the buyer shall be responsible to keep the puppy in healthy surroundings to avoid possible exposure to infectious disease and/or parasite infection.  Summit Vizsla has responsibly bred a Sire/Dam which is believed shall produce a fine representation of the Vizsla breed, however we cannot guarantee the final appearance of the puppy at maturity.

3- If a life threatening health condition manifests within 48 hours of placement, a certified diagnosis from a vet will be required in order for the Puppy to be returned and the Buyer agrees to transfer their payment to a subsequent litter.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, and the costs associated with Puppy's care until return to Summit Vizsla.  We reserves the right to a second opinion.  The buyer must notify us  prior to shipping the puppy back, and receive our authorization of such action.

4- All puppies are guaranteed for 1 full year from their date of birth.  We guarantee the Puppy to be free of life threatening genetic health defects, as well as Hip Dysplasia for either 1 or 3 years.    For the full 3 year guarantee, puppy must be fed an age appropriate food from our acceptable foods list (see the foods list on website), and must not be spayed or neutered for the first three years.  There is evidence that poor diet and early sexual altering can change bio-physical development that can contribute to hip dysplasia as well as other degenerative diseases.  In the unlikely event a condition arises, a replacement Puppy will be provided from a future litter or a refund of the original puppy purchase price given at the discretion of Summit Vizsla.  Injury and dietary induced hip and joint problems are not genetic and are preventable through cautious attention to diet and limits on the strenuous activity of a growing puppy--such cases are NOT covered by Summit Vizsla's health guarantee.  All conditions must be diagnosed by a vet and all care and costs are at buyer's expense.  We reserve the right to a second opinion performed by an independent vet.  

5- This health guarantee is void if the Puppy has not had proper and timely vaccinations that are documented by vet records, reasonable care (including weight management), adequate diet (good quality AAFCO puppy rated food), healthy environment and surroundings (including proper wintertime shelter), and proper activity levels for the age of the dog.

6-  Summit Vizsla’s rescue policy shall apply to any Summit bred puppy regardless of age.  The puppy may be returned for any reason.  All costs of shipment will be the buyer’s.  In such case, full ownership is transferred back to Summit Vizsla.  No refund will be issued.

7- At approx. 8-9 weeks old the puppies will be placed/shipped on the date designated by Summit Vizsla based upon the actual date of birth and readiness of the litter. This date will be known in advance and buyer will be notified.  If this date conflicts with the Buyer’s schedule, then a $10/day boarding fee will apply at the discretion of Summit Vizsla.  This must also be paid in full prior to delivery.  If placement/shipment is delayed beyond 2 weeks (due to conflicts with Buyer's schedule or Buyer's failure to pay), then this agreement may be terminated at the discretion of Summit Vizsla, the $100 deposit will be forfeited and $10/day boarding fees will be held out from other payments received. The buyer will be refunded any remaining balance.  Summit Vizsla will then place the puppy elsewhere. Summit Vizsla is approx. 5 hrs round trip to the airport. So, for airline shipping buyers, an additional $200 fee applies for our costs of transportation and the vet certification documentation for the airline requirements.  This will also cover the smallest crate the airline will accept for your puppy.  If you desire a larger crate then it will cost extra (it will also increase the price of the airline ticket).  If your puppy is older or larger than usual there may also be an increase in the price for the crate.  The price of the airline ticket is in addition to the $250.00 If the buyer isn't able to pick up the puppy from the airline on time, then the airline will take the puppy to a local boarding facility and charge additional boarding fees.  The buyer will be responsible to reimburse Summit Vizsla for any such charges that may be incurred.

8- In the event of any disputes, Kentucky Law applies and all disputes will be attempted to be resolved through mediation first prior to litigation.  The prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney fees and associated costs.  All official communications and notices shall be via email.  Summit Vizsla will under no condition be liable for more than the original purchase price of the puppy, including attorney fees and associated costs.  

9- Summit Vizsla has bred a Sire/Dam that is believed to be of sound temperament and it is expected the puppies produced will be sound as well.  Since the final temperament of the puppy is largely determined by the environment and training it receives, Summit Vizsla does not guarantee temperament.  Summit Vizsla is not responsible or liable for any aggression or injury or damage the dog may cause.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to adhere to a training process for the lifetime of the dog.  Summit Vizsla strongly recommends positive reinforcement techniques since harsh training methods may ruin an otherwise sound temperament.


Buyer                                Date                                    Summit Vizsla, LLC                       Date

Unique needs of the breed

Vizslas are amazing dogs--THE MOST amazing in our book:)  They are so fun to be with!  They have a zest for life and are so loving.  They genuinely want to please you and be with you.

 We love the vizsla breed!!!  They are fabulous dogs!  BUT...there are a few things you have to understand.  

They are very active, and need to be able to get lots of exercise.  They need to be able to burn up some of their incredible energy.  We love the energy, it is fantastic!  But if you are not a person who loves to get outside and do active/sporty type things then this may not be the best breed for you. They will go crazy and develop problem behaviors if not properly exercised.  They love their people, I mean really love their people!  That is why they are called the “velcro dog”.  Even if they are getting exercise, they still will not be happy without adequate attention and bonding time from their people.  This is not a breed that will be okay with 5 minutes of attention a couple times a day while they are being fed.  Even if you live on 50 acres and they have all the room in the world to run, they still need your time and love!  They need to be included in the daily life of the family!  And speaking of space to run, these dogs really do need that.  They are a country dog at heart and love space, but they can do just fine in a city if they have a large fenced yard to run and play in.  We still suggest they are taken on walks and runs (once fully grown), but this dog really needs to spend lots of active time outdoors.  A fenced yard is pretty important!

Probably one of the biggest issues we want to help you be aware of and plan for this breed is just the simple fact that they are not cold hardy. These dogs do not get any winter fur at all.  Their coat is the same in August as it is in January.  This is awesome in many ways. They do shed, but you won’t have near the hair mess as you would with “fluffier” breeds.  They also have a much lower level of “doggy odor”!  Big bonus there!  But the thing you need to be aware of is that they can have a hard time staying warm in places that have a winter climate.  I like to tell people to think of their dog as the equivalent of a human in a jogging suit.  If you were wearing a jogging suit would you be cold, would you be wishing for a way to warm up?  Then your vizsla will be cold too!  If you need a coat to stay warm, it is too cold for your vizsla!  Now, unless it is bitter, bitter cold they will be fine to go out for some exercise for a short period of time.  Being excited and moving will keep them warm.  If you will be out longer than a half hour or it is really cold a dog coat would be a good idea.  But even with a coat this breed just simply cannot be left outside all day in the cold weather.  They love to go out and play, but then they need to be able to go into a heated space to warm up.  When the family is home, they will love to come into the house to spend time with you.  But, everybody pretty much has those rare occasions when everybody is gone someplace that the dog cannot come along...Christmas parties, family reunions, meetings, etc.  What then?  A crate can be a great option if you will be gone for three hours or less.  This can just be naptime.  But beyond that length of time they will need to move around as well as go potty.  Some people just plan to leave them in the house with a dog door.  This can be a problem for this breed, especially in their younger years.  They are intelligent and active, and will become bored...which may lead to destruction of your house and possible choking or other hazards for the dog.  So, until they have matured a bit and proven they are house’s a good idea to have a back-up plan.  So, what are the options?  If you are in a warm climate, the plan can simply be a safe and fenced yard as long as the dog has shelter from sun and rain.  If you are in a cold climate, it can still be a safe and fenced backyard.  But in this case you will have to also add a heated and insulated doghouse.  The roof, walls, and floor all need to be insulated.  And it needs a door.  A good way to heat it could be those hard plastic heated dog beds.  Many of these mats feature a thermostat so they only run when it is cold, and they are also weight sensitive so the dog has to be on the mat to turn it on.  With these features they save a lot of electricity.  If yours is weight sensitive you will want to be aware while your dog is small if they are big enough to activate it. The house would have to be large enough that the heated bed only covers half of the floor.  That way the dog can choose between outside temperatures, inside on the heat, or inside off the heat.  What if you don’t have a fenced yard?  Then the largest dog run you can find, with the climate appropriate shelter would also work.  But keep in mind, the smaller the space the less often you will want to have to use it.  If you are planning on using a dog run, you won’t want this to be a daily plan.  It would  be for rare occasions.  And the fenced yard will be of benefit to your dog on a daily basis, they love to spend a lot of time playing outside.  Other setups that may work could be a heated garage, but make sure the dog is safe from any and all hazardous materials that are often stored in garages.  And keep in mind these are athletic dogs.  They can and will jump to reach something they want.  Our Daisy can clear 6 foot fences if she really wants to!  A dog run could be set up in the heated garage to help keep them safe.  Then there would have to be a dog door from this garage space out to a fenced outdoor area.   Another setup that may work is if you have a room of your home that can be closed off from the rest of the house and have a dog door installed.  Say if your layout is such that a laundry room or bathroom that has a hard floor can be closed off from the rest of the house and a dog door into that room can give access to a fenced outdoor space.  But again, like the garage idea, make sure nothing is ever left out that could harm the dog. All cleaning supplies would have to be secure in closing cabinets, and the room would need to be “doggie proofed”.  Be aware of items that might harm the dog, as well as items you don’t want the dog to ruin.  Keep in mind Vizslas can be excellent jumpers.  They could get on top of laundry machines to reach unsecured items.

These are just a few options.  If you have an idea you think would work for you, please run it by us.  We just want to help you be setup for success!!!  We want you and your puppy to be happy!  The goal is really to use this set up as little as possible.  But, it can be a lifesaver when you have to be away!

Which Gender of Puppy Is Best?

Well, I get this question so often that I decided to just type up an info sheet on the topic:)

And the short answer is...there is not one gender that is depends on what you are wanting in your dog.

So, let’s go over the longer answer:)


I feel like there are a lot of misunderstandings and generalizations around the gender subject with dogs.  I find a lot of people expect the males to be hyper, dominant, maybe even aggressive, harder to train, and better hunters.  I find a lot of expectations for the females to be calmer, submissive, more gentle, easier to train, and inferior hunters.

In my experience the truth is, these things are individual dog traits and not gender traits.  In other words these traits do not tend to follow one gender vs. the other.  Are there dominant and assertive males?  Yes, absolutely...but I have seen just as many who are females.  Are there easy going and laid back females?  Yep, but males can be just as much so.  Are there males who are just wired and hyper?  Of course, but the gals can give them a run for their money!  Are there some dogs that hunt better than others?  Yep, but they come from both genders.  And the “old wives tale” of the subject is that the best hunters are actually the dogs with white markings, regardless of gender.   No well socialized Vizsla should be aggressive without provocation.  And both genders are intelligent and very trainable.  

Gender Traits

So, what are the traits that tend to be gender based?  There certainly are some, but they are more physically based.  For one, males do tend to be larger.  There can be exceptions, as I have seen very large females.  I have also seen some males who you may traditionally label a “runt” who can be smaller.  But in general, Males are larger than Females.  Beyond that it tends to be the things that are directly related to their gender physiology and reproductive roles.  So let’s cover those

Males who are left intact (not neutered) do have a tendency to mark their territory.  Territory peeing is usually an outdoor behavior, but if it transfers into the house then this can be an issue.  Usually neutering will address this, and as most people plan to neuter it does not tend to be a huge problem.  The longer you can wait to neuter the better for the dog.  But if you have indoor marking start then the sooner you neuter the more likely it will be to fix the problem.  I had a male dog growing up who only ever had one accident in the house.  It was the day we brought him home as a tiny puppy.  And I was just an inexperienced 13 year old who had never owned a dog.  I was not a good trainer at all.  He was just a really good dog!  Most people will probably have an experience more in the middle with potty training, probably not as easy as mine.  But I share it to illustrate that many male dogs can do just fine in this area.  The other behavior of a male dog will be mounting females.  And if there is an in-heat female within a mile of them they are likely to go to extreme measures to try to escape and get to her.  Again, neutering will largely address these issues.  And it will certainly prevent a pregnancy from resulting even if he tries.

Females who are left intact (not spayed) will go through two heat cycles a year.  The full cycle usually lasts about three weeks, one of which will have active bleeding.  During this week she will drip blood.  Some females are light bleeders and clean themselves well, but most will be a bit messy.  If she is indoors she may need to wear a doggy diaper and pad for that week.  If she is outside she is likely to attract males if they have any way of getting to her.  They will try to dig in, jump in, push in, fly in, etc.  Obviously an accidental pregnancy can result with an intact female.  She is most likely to become pregnant during one week of the three for each cycle.  But as sperm can be held viable inside her body for a week, and her released eggs have a window where they stay viable as well, any time in those three weeks has the possibility for a pregnancy.  Intact females will often mount other dogs during cycles, but obviously there is no pregnancy risk in this is just an uncomfortable situation to many people.  Again, as with the males...the longer you can wait before spaying, the better for the dog.

Altered Dogs For those who do plan to spay or neuter their dog, you will mostly just be dealing with these differences up until the time of altering.  Then differences between the genders will become much less pronounced.  You will probably still see a little mounting with both genders when hormones are fluctuating.  The males may still do a little more marking than females, but I have dominant females who mark like crazy too.  Heat cycles will not be an issue at all once a female is spayed.

Already have a dog and the puppy will be joining them:  Again this can be very individual and hard to generalize.  But the odds of dogs getting along with each other are higher if they are of opposite genders.  Two dogs of the same gender may be more likely to have struggles over order of dominance.  But I have certainly seen many dogs of the same gender get along just fine as well.  Altered dogs of the same gender are a bit more likely to get along than unaltered dogs of the same gender.  Altering is also beneficial if you have dogs of different gender unless you are able to monitor heats and keep them securely separated.  The best thing when blending multiple dogs is to have dogs who are submissive, or at least one of them being that way.  Two dogs who tend to want to be the leader may quarrel some.  The personality of the dog you already have is very important in this situation.  The new puppy will be entering into what they see as their territory.  Will your dog take kindly to this?  How do they do when they meet other dogs at the park, etc?  And more important than do they react if a friend brings a dog over to your house?  Do they welcome the visitor into their “territory” or are they grumpy about it?  How do they react when you pet, play with, and give that visiting dog your attention?  Is your dog possessive of you?  If you are bringing a new dog into a home where you already have a dog...test your dog a bit first.  Put him/her into several of these situations.  How do they tend to react?  Does the age or gender of the other dog seem to make a difference?

Summary  I feel each dog’s personality is more just an individual trait than a gender trait.  I totally get the idea that people have gender preferences, and I am happy to work with those!  We want people to get exactly what they want when they get a Summit Puppy.  I share this info just to help bring to light misunderstandings and help you make an informed decision.  After reading this and thinking about it you can let us know if you have a gender preference or if you would be happy with either.  We are happy to help answer any questions on this topic.  We can also help guide anyone when it comes time to select puppies.  We are happy to share our observations of each puppy and their individual and unique traits.