Early Crate Conditioning

We know most of our Vizsla families will need to use a crate.  When implemented properly, your puppy will love it's crate and will readily use it with out any hassle.  The puppy will come to see it as a fun, safe, quiet, and restful space and it's own little "den." We have introduced your puppy to a crate very early in it's life to help you with this process.  We use the crate during transportation to Vet appointments (about 1.5 hrs each time) and we use "open door crates" in the play yard so the puppy recognizes they aren't "trapped."  We put the puppies in the crates to move them from the puppy room in the house to the play yard outside, so the puppy already feels like a crate is the gateway to fun.  This will help you with car travels. We also put the crates in the play yard in an obstacle course configuration.  The puppies go crazy for the crates!!  They climb on them, jump from them and chase each other around them.  It's a very fun time for them and for us to watch.  

Crate conditioning should be very simple for you now.  Let the pup see you toss a little treat into the back of the crate.  The pup will go get it and then immediately let the puppy come back out.  Do this several times.  Then close the crate door for just a few seconds, then let the pup out.  Increase the time gradually and pretty soon the pup will realize a crate isn't a trap.  It's a positive place. 

Here's something else to try if the puppy happens to decide to become stubborn about this.  Using a high value treat like warm chicken. warm scrambled egg or whatever else you can think of, put a very tasty and very smelly treat in the crate and close the door, without the puppy in it.  Let the puppy sniff the treat out.  When they want the treat, then open the door and let them in.  Simple as that.