Puppy Picking Order

Hi Everyone. We're so glad you are considering one of our puppies.

We get a few questions about which of the puppies are still available so we thought we'd outline how the picking process works with us.

A couple of families are in the same stage you are ...... trying to decide which breeder to go with and which puppy they will get. Our reservation list is always growing, so these pups may go quick.

We have families pick their puppy in the order their deposit was received, for each list of the boy or girl pups.

1- Full registration families have first pick, even if their deposit came in later. This is because full registration provides breeding rights and they need to pick first for the chance to have the characteristics their breeding program needs and we support other breeders in improving the breed. It's part of our dedication to the ongoing success of the future of the Vizsla.

2- Next, the limited registration families pick in the order those deposits were received.

3- No one actually picks one until the puppy is 5 weeks old. That gives the puppies more time for personality traits to manifest and structure to develop.

We try very hard to update the website about every week to give lots of info and videos on the pups so people are comfortable picking a puppy from wherever they are.

We post videos about the pups starting shortly after they are born. We share several "play time" videos of the pups as they develop and grow so you can see them in action early on in life. The "young" videos are usually them just snoozing, scooting around and/or nursing. As they get older the videos get more action packed.

The selection process goes in the order of deposit received when the pups are about 5 weeks old. Families who live close enough can visit and pick in person. For those who live too far away to do that, then we put together a "pick video" and post it to the litter page when the pups are about 5 weeks old. This will share an up close look at each puppy, their markings (if any) and we tell about our observations of their personalities. We notify the families when it's their turn to pick and let them know which pups that are remaining to choose from. We also make ourselves available to answer questions about the pups if a family just can't decide between their top two or something. We have had many families select their pups remotely and they have been pleased with their whole process and their pups.

So by the time 5 weeks passes by, most families are able to select a puppy fairly quick, but the process can take several days from start to finish between all the families taking their turns to pick.

Since they are almost completely weaned from momma's milk at 5 weeks old, some people have wondered if they can come pick out and take their puppy home at the same time. We don't let pups go from us until they are 7 weeks or older, as there are some beneficial developments that take place with their litter mates between 5-7 weeks.

Sometimes it's tricky to line up everyone's schedule to allow people time to travel here to pick their puppy in a timely manner, since they may come before the preceeding families have picked their puppy.

You are welcome to come for a visit, but we do limit visits to only the people who have placed deposits since we aren't a "puppy store" for people to come and go at will, and this also minimizes the stress on the puppies and their momma.