Parasites and Worms

Natural Treatments for Parasites/Worms

Parasites and Worms are everywhere in the environment and nearly impossible to avoid.  So we must prepare to face them. Parasites/Worms are so common that Vets recommend having a fecal sample done on each dog twice per year.  Vets will always recommend a chemical worming product to treat the problems. However, over 300 deaths have been reported due to these chemical treatments.  That is just the number of deaths that are reported.  I’m sure the actual number is MUCH higher since there aren’t many Vets that will own up to the fact that their recommended product caused a death.    I would consider Parasites/worms a dirty little secret in the closet of dog breeders and those breeders just rely heavily on chemical wormers as their way of dealing with this common issue.  We weren’t aware of how common parasites are until we had a puppy family report that their Vet in another state had NEVER seen a puppy test clear of parasites until they tested the pup they got from us.  We started researching natural remedies several years ago after we had a negative experience with a chemical wormer on one of our dogs. Due to the side effects of a chemical wormer, our dog’s health suffered and it took over a year and half to regain good health.

We must concede that chemical treatments do work.  They will kill the parasites as advertised. However, their effectiveness at killing the parasites also produces a lot of collateral damage to a dog’s overall wellbeing.  

We also got more serious about natural parasites/worm treatments after we had a litter of puppies some time ago who contracted Coccidia.  Coccidia is a super common parasite for puppies, to the point lots of breeders just expect it every litter. We however have never had parasites in any of our dogs until then.  We use natural prevention and it has always been very successful. The timing of things and how it all played out, made us pretty sure the coccidia actually came to our home/ puppies from a visitor who came to see them.  That is part of the reason we now have a policy of no visitors until they are a bit older. Anyways, that previous litter ended up with coccidia positive fecal tests. We told the puppy families and let their new families instruct us on how they wanted their puppy treated.  Half chose for me to use chemical wormers, the other half said they wanted me to treat with herbs and natural means. All of the puppies recovered from the infection within two weeks time. The natural methods worked just as well as the medicine but without the side effects. One of the pups whose family chose the chemical wormer had lingering health problems that are a side effect of the chemical medicine.  Up until this point, we had heard of "treating" parasites naturally, and had been successful preventing them, but we did not have actual first hand experience with clearing an issue. Since having success on that side of things, we have wanted to share this info.

Because most dogs will get some kind of worm or parasite eventually, since they are very easy to contract, then it's important to keep their immune system healthy.  Most dogs will get the worms and parasites and we don't know it, because their immune system will handle it, and they look like they are fine. During times of stress for a dog, their immune system will weaken and then a parasite or worm load can get out of hand.  For this reason, it's especially important to take preventive measures when a stressful event can be anticipated, like a move to a new home, an accident or other painful injury, etc. That's one reason why chemical wormers are sometimes given on a monthly basis.  We recommend giving your dog this natural mixture on a regular basis so that you don't need to resort to chemical treatments. The chemical treatments can be very dangerous for dogs, and they actually suppress the immune system.

For our side of things, as a breeder, we have researched that weaning and getting vaccinations and going to new homes, etc can be stressful. This leaves pups in a vulnerable situation.  Vets say the first two weeks after going to a new home is a very common time for a pup to become ill. Our pups have always done quite well with transitions, but we do suggest new families support immune function during this time. Up until this point, your pup has been getting a strong dose of healthy immune system boosters from momma's milk.  Now that they are weaning and the milk is decreasing, we are sure that we are doing our part to support the pups until their own immune system is mature. So we start giving them this mixture during the weaning process.

Besides chemical medicines, there are safe and still effective options to treat these parasites and worms.  Now that we have used these for quite some time and have experience that they are effective as a treatment and as a preventative, we want to share the news.  Our Vet actually doesn’t agree with us that these work, but he can’t argue about our track record and is shocked every time we take in our regular fecal samples and they come back clear so frequently.  He is shocked and often asks us how we are doing so well with our dog's health.

If you are dealing with a parasite problem, then consult with your Vet.  Get their opinions on the situation, compare it with these options and then you decide what is best for your dog.

Here is a link to an article you may find helpful.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU RESEARCH DR. BECKER AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.  She is a holistic vet with experience using chemical and natural treatments. This research will compete with much of what your Vet will tell you.  However, it will give you a much wider perspective about the options you have for your furry friends!

The following is a list of ingredients you will need for a good treatment.  After reading this list, you will understand why it’s not easy for a Vet to recommend this.  It would take them too much time to explain this and for them, time is money. They also don't carry these products at their clinic. So after taking a bunch of time to explain all of this, they would send you home without "making a sale." At the bottom you will find the “recipe” for my way of treating the pups.

Chopped Raw Garlic- Many think this is toxic to dogs, but it is not.  Onions are toxic but not garlic. I use garlic with my dogs all of the time.  It is anti-everything! It will fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, keep mosquitoes from biting, etc. Chop the raw garlic clove and let it sit for 15-20 minutes for the allicin (the effective compound) to develop.  Then take a small pinch of cold cream cheese and squish it into as thin of a pancake as you can and wrap the garlic in it. You can also mix the garlic in kibble or ground meat.  You could just experiment and see how your puppy is willing to eat it. Raw garlic plain can just be a bit spicy. For a fully grown dog I do about 1/2 -1 clove of garlic a day (depending on the size of the clove)  By clove I mean one little section not the whole bulb. Depending on the puppy’s size you will probably want to do a little less than that. Dogs don't need garlic everyday. But I do it daily if I am trying to treat something, until that issue has cleared.  I also am sure to put my pregnant dogs on garlic a few days before they deliver and while they nurse. It then goes through the milk and helps to prevent worms, Giardia, Coccidia, etc in the pups. I also use it a few times a week from July-November to keep mosquitoes away and thus lower the risk of Heart Worm.  

    Black Cumin- I have not actually used this, but they say it is very safe, and like garlic can treat just about anything.  I have some on the way in the mail. ½ tsp / day.

    Cloves- Are very strong and said to be effective for both worms and Protozoa (Giardia, Coccidia, Cryptosporidium, etc).  They are very strong and have to be used with caution, especially for a pup.  They say 1 clove/day/10 lbs. If using the powdered version of clove then just the slightest sprinkle.  For a pup, I would go even a little less than suggested. Cloves are one of the most potent germ killers in the herbal kingdom and work on many, many things. When my kids are sick I will simmer a pot of clove and water. Just doing that will clean the air and stop the spread of sickness.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract- This is a thick liquid that can be purchased in a squeeze dripper bottle.  1 drop/lb of body weight. It also works for many, many things and Coccidia is on that list.

    Slippery Elm Powder- This is a gentle laxative and can help rid the intestines of parasites.  It is also very soothing to an irritated intestine. 1/8 tsp. / 10 lbs of body weight can be given.  It is usually mixed with water and fed as a gruel. I have ordered some of this as well.

    Apple Cider Vinegar- Mix a little splash into drinking water.  It helps to make the body ph more alkaline. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites (as well as cancer) thrive in an acidic environment.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother in it) can help to make the body an undesirable host for all of these things. If in question what the body ph is, then get a urine test strip and test ph.  6.5 - 7 is what we are aiming for.

    Organic coconut oil- This is excellent for their skin, coat, brain, and so many other things.  It is also effective against Coccidia. When the coconut oil is digested it is broken down into individual compounds.  One of those particular compounds Coccidia will absorb like a sponge. The Coccidia cannot regulate how much they absorb and will end up bursting.  As they are a single celled organism, when they burst they die. I don't know an exact dose on this, it is really quite safe. I would say start with maybe a couple of teaspoons or a tablespoon per day.

    Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds- The oil in these will kill of Coccidia.  Grind up and mix in feed. ½ tsp / 20 lbs.

    Raw Grated Carrots- Act like a toothbrush to gently clean the intestinal wall.  The vitamin A is also beneficial with fighting parasites. About 1 tsp/20 lbs, but dose is not critical it be exact.  Carrots are pretty safe:)

    Real Salt- Pure sea salts or Redmonds real salt will contain minerals to help the dog have a balanced system.  Regular table salt will not work, it will actually be bad. Just a pinch is needed.

    Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses- Also a source for minerals.  The sweet taste can also help to make garlic and other things more palatable.  Dosage = a couple tsp/ day.

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth- Even though it is a super fine powder, it will pierce the exoskeleton of the parasite so they dehydrate and die.  For puppies ½ - 1 tsp per day. Needs to be given for about 10 consecutive days to be effective. Side note: can also be used to dust fur and bedding for fleas.

    Oregano- Like clove is very strong and known to kill just about all nasties.  Just a good sprinkle on puppy’s food.

There are also a bunch more things that work on various worms.  For treating any parasite naturally it is suggested to treat for 10 days then take 5 days off.  Then treat 10 on / 5 off, etc until the problem is solved. This approach kills existing parasites, but they will lay eggs before they die off in an effort to survive.  The 5 day break gives the dog a break during the time till the eggs hatch. This will help to keep the treatment effective. Then after the 5 day break resume in order to treat the hatched out parasites.  Natural treatments are usually a bit slower working, but this is actually more gentle on the dog's system. It can also be safer if they have a bad infestation, as a fast die off can actually be toxic. When dogs die from parasites, it is sometimes from toxic shock syndrome after medications cause too many parasites to die all at once.  The dead parasites can “rot” inside the dog and cause a septic type reaction.

As far as probiotics, yogurt can cause soft stools but is a good source of probiotics.  Kefir is also a great source. If the soft stools are too much of a problem you could try a capsule version.  You can get ones specifically for dogs. Or if you have them for humans just cut the dose back. The dose is usually figured for a 125-150 lb adult.  Just adjust dose to fit your puppy’s weight. It is a good idea to use these for life. You can take breaks and then go back. But off and on for life is good.  It can be good to change up the source from time to time so they get a variety to the strains of probiotics instead of always the same ones.

The recipe…….. here is what I have been doing…

First Part   - "The Tea  stuff"

Start 2 cups of water boiling for a "Tea"

In an empty quart jar, mix:

1/4 Cup Chammomile

1/4 Cup Parsley or Cilantro

2 and 1/2    TBsp  of Milk Thistle

2 TBsp Black Cumin

1  TBsp Ground Cloves

1/4 Cup  Oregano

Add the boiling water to the above ingredients in the quart jar and put a loose fitting lid over it to contain the steam.

While it steeps in the jar, do the below steps.

Second Part - "The Bowl stuff"

In a large bowl, mix the following:

1 and 1/2 TBsp of Grape Fruit Seed extract

1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar 

4 tsp Real Salt or other high quality Sea Salt or Non-Iodized salt

3/4 Cup Blackstrap Molasses

1 Cup Coconut Oil (slightly heated and melted into liquid)

2 and 1/2 TBsp Slippery Elm

2 and 1/2 Tbsp Olive Leaf Extract

3/4 cup Diatomaceous Earth (food grade, not pool grade or garden grade)

Third Part - "The Blender stuff"

In a blender or food processor, chop the following (one ingredient at a time)

--- As you chop up the following you can add these to the mixing "Bowl stuff"---

14 cloves of Garlic (not the whole bulb)  It's probably close to about 2-3 bulbs

1/2 cup of carrot (probably about 2 regular sized carrots)  If you end up with more, it's just fine.

1/2 cup of raw pumpkin seed, ground into a flour in your processor/blender.  A little gritty is ok.

1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes

Fourth Part - "Mix it all"

Put the quart jar of Tea into the Blender and chop up the Tea mixture

Add all the Tea and the Mixing bowl and the Blender stuff in the blender and mix it all together for a short time.   

Fifth Part  -  "Eat it Fido" 

This makes quite a bit.  We give this to our dogs for 5 days in a row, each month as a preventive/maintenance.

You can give this to them for 10 days in a row if you are treating an active parasite colony.

In order to get our dogs/puppies to eat this, we mix it into raw ground beef (1 or 2 parts ground beef for each 1 part treatment)

Puppy dose =  We give them a big rounded teaspoon of this above mixture 3 x per day (up to 1/4 cup per day max)

Adult dog dose =  We give them 1/4 cup of this above mixture 2 x per day (1/2 cup per day)

You can freeze and save any unused treatment for future use.