2023 Litter

We are pleased to share that Fern and Cliffs litter arrived on  Saturday, Dec 16th and we are blessed with another 6 girls and 4 boys.

These pups will be 5 weeks old and able to be selected during the week of Jan 20th.  

They will be 7 weeks old and available to be picked up after Feb 3rd.

They will be 8 weeks old and available to fly after Feb 13th.  

Update Jan 30th

Thanks for your patience. We have some vizsla puppy video fails that we would love to share, but won't bore you with that.  The only upside is the lighting is figured out.  The pups don't care about that win and you probably don't either! haha.    So we'll just go with the only part of the videos that worked and apologize it's kinda short.   Today's video follows our wellness Vet trip for half these pups getting ready to go to their new families soon.  We can't believe this time is so close.  These pups are doing awesome things and are ready for all the people time they can get.  You'll notice in this video, that it's hard for them to get a "playful" video of them because they are too interested in me.    They did their best to convince me to put the camera down and get some belly scratchin' going.    We will look forward to some good weather days to get an outside playtime video done.  These pups will be a riot to watch! 

Update Jan 20th

We had a family come visit to select their pup today, so of course we took the chance to get some video footage of this PuppyPulooza Party.  This is full of Vizsla puppy zoomies, T-Bone and head on accidents, wrestling matches, nippy puppy play and toy squabbles.  They all dish it out (including these little girls from Fern) and have to take it in turn.  It's part of the normal development for them to learn some appropriate canine social skills.  We hope you enjoy the video as much as the pups enjoyed making it.  The temps outside are single digits, but we are plenty warm and ready for anything, even at the Pavilion at the top of our ridge in the woods.  The snow has dressed our ground really well and it's no match for the truck on our long driveway as the pups enjoy the experience of a short little drive.  

Update Jan 19th

We are happy to present more about Fern's wonderful pups with our puppy playtime and pick video today.  The "pick" section of the video starts at about 15 minutes in.  Around that same time of the pick video section, our kids headed outside to play in the snow and our adult Vizslas got a bit whiny that they were not included in the frosty frolic time, so you'll here the protest in the background for a few minutes.    These pups are doing so well with figuring out life and getting acclimated to not having momma Fern around 24/7  They have figured out that humans are cool and the source of great snuggles and tasty foods.  Sometimes it's tricky to get some of the video done because they congregate around us too close instead of playing.  We did figure out the GoPro camera may not have been all to blame for some of the weird shadow in the frame.  It may be from the new lighting in the puppy room that we added to help the videos.  It seems the hrtz rate of the LED and the hrtz rate of the camera image may not get along very well.  I tried to change the camera rate and it really made it worse.  So we'll just do our best for now.  Hope it's not too distracting.  

Update Jan 13 - Special note - The GoPro Hero 8 camera is giving us grief.  We'll be replacing it before our next video.  It is imposing a slight shadow over the video.  Sorry some things don't look quite right.

These pups are moving!   And did we mention they are growing fast!  Teddy bear for scale in today's video compared to the earlier one.   We have them in our 2 different puppy rooms now and they all have plenty of room to do their thing.  We combined them into one room for today's play time video.  You'll notice that Sweet Pea's older and bigger pups have more stamina for playing longer.  To be fair, Sweet Pea's pups had just completed a nap and Fern's pups were just getting ready to take a nap after we had completed this week's nail trimming session, so they all conked out much sooner.   Don't worry though, they will have their famous play video soon.  You'll notice that some of the pups are wearing a little bit of water from their bowl.   They are still figuring out the "swimming hole"   Some of these pups are old enough, smart enough, big enough to pay attention to the GoPro camera and it's blinking light on the front.  It's always fun to seem them figure things out around them.

Update Jan 5

This is a big week on a number of levels.  Sweet Pea's pups are definitely old enough to start the weaning process (very slowly).  Fern's pups are barely old enough to start on softened foods, so we decided to let them share their first meal together.  They loved it... after they figured out how to eat it more than walk in it/wear it.   We separated Fern out into the house for this meal, and let Sweet Pea hang out on her side of the room.  Both the momma's were cool with it, which was nice.   Sweet Pea tried really hard to peer over the partition to keep an eye on her pups.  Fern's pups had recently nursed and didn't go crazy on their first meal and several of them almost wouldn't wake up from their nursing nap to participate in the "first food festival."  Some of Sweet Pea's pups were smart enough to figure out the little pup's food bowl had less traffic and moved over there on their own.  The pups are also old enough to have graduated from their blankies to full floor shavings.  The shavings give them excellent traction in the room and help immensely with sanitation.    These pups really know how to poop and pee.  The shavings keep the room from turning into a sloppy problem and really help with the regular clean ups as needed.   If a puppy happens to consume a shaving, they can digest it, so they are pretty safe.  Stay tuned to the very end and you'll see a cameo appearance of the last 2 boy's from Breezy's litter.  They will be going home this weekend to their new families.  These 2 needed to stay a little bit longer with us than usual to accommodate some traveling schedules and an unexpected medical scenario (of the family, not the pups).  We've loved having "Big Green and Gray" here with us and you can see how much a pup grows while they are with us, which is one of the reasons that we take our nutrition program seriously.    Now that Big Green and Gray are heading onto their next chapter of life, we will be putting Sweet Pea and Fern's litters in the different rooms so that they'll both have ample room to play now that their mobility is going to hit the turbo button.  

Update Dec 30th

We had a lot of fun doing a few creative decorations in the puppy's Christmas videos.  We hope you enjoyed them too.  When we saw the next holiday section full at the store, we just couldn't help ourselves.  Sorry December, you have nothing left to offer us and we're jumping ahead to some puppy love Valentine Vizsla time.    Today's video may seem slightly different because our GoPro camera had a dead battery so we opted to move forward with the trusty Nikon DSLR to get the job done on time for you all.    It's a big bulky thing with a heavy lens off the front, so things aren't as steady as usual.  You'll see that Fern's pups are just barely getting more mobile and their eyes/ears will be fully open within the next couple of days.  Fern's pups are still content to just nurse and nap without too much of a commute.  They really liked today's blanket and kept thinking the furry texture was another place to find a meal.    With Fern's pups still being a little more docile,  I tried to get a puppy line up.  Those are pretty tricky because each time you move a pup, they want to look for momma.  Then when you get to Sweet Pea's pups in the video you'll see what a huge difference 5 days can make in the life of a puppy.  Sweet Pea's pups have their eyes all the way open, they can hear good now and they are on the move.  They don't get anywhere very fast (yet), and they don't go for long before they have to stop and recharge with some milk and a nap, but they are getting really good at weight bearing on their legs, and can get across the room before you know it.   This is when it gets really tricky to give each pup their fair share of time in front of the camera.  Sometimes it feels like this one or that one didn't quite get the attention on camera that some others did.  

Update Dec 23rd

We hope you enjoy this short but cute video of all the pups.    Sweet Pea's pups are just "moments" away from having their eyes open and also unsealed ears.  It will still be a few days after that before their eyes clear for decent vision.  You can tell that Sweet Pea's pups are still a fair bit more mobile than Fern's pups, even without seeing well.   It's amazing what that 5 day difference in time is when it comes to puppy development.  Fern's pups are double their birth weight and quite the little sausages.  We really hope that seeing these little ones helps your Christmas have a little extra twinkle.      #Vizsla   #vizslapuppy  #vizslabreeder