Willow and Timber's 2024 Litter

Our beautiful Willow and Timber have produced a great group of pups.

Date of Birth - March 18th

Selection process - April 22nd  and after

Pick up begins - May 7th or after

Flights begin - May 14th or after

Update April 15th

Miss Willow's pups are really going now.  They are enjoying their extra space of their puppy room and love to eat and sleep still.  Miss Willow has done so well with being attentive to them and it shows.  We hope you enjoy this weeks update video.

Update April 5th

As you can see, these pups are growing so fast too and just had their first nail trim this week.  Their teeth are almost through and will be in soon.  They have graduated from their blanket phase of the whelping box, to the shavings, but still have the whelping box, which is specifically designed with an angle in, so that if momma lays near the perimeter, she won't get a pup caught between her and the "rail" that has a space for the puppy to crawl in to get around from behind her.  We have the "Paddington Puppy" stuffed bear for scale today too.  You'll be surprised at how much they will grow in the next month.  Each month for them right now, is about the equivalent of a human year.    They are still at the phase that they just want to nurse and sleep.  Momma Willow is also doing great at keeping them well fed and content.  In the next couple of days, they will be big enough to venture out of the whelping box on their own and then nothing will hold them back from exploring this big world around them.   For now, they just like to chew and crawl over one anothe which is so adorable to watch.   They are not super mobile yet, but they are getting pretty good at walking around when they feel like it.  You may notice a few pieces of dark colored bark in the otherwise yellow colored shavings, it's not puppy poop, just bark.    Enjoy those brand new baby blue eyes in today's video!

Update March 29th

We thought it would be fun to do a quick little update video of these pups before the weekend.  We hope you enjoy seeing their progress from the last few days.

Update March 26th

Miss Willow's little crew is doing phenomenal.  They are growing like crazy too.  It's hard to explain and compare the difference that happens over their first week, but they all pretty much double in size.  Hope you enjoy today's video! 

Update March 20th

We were surprised to have Willow deliver her pups a couple of days early.  We do anticipate that possibility, but even this one surprised us at just over 2 days before our scheduled due date. Perhaps it was the solar equinox pulling on the mother nature of things.  The pups started arriving shortly after lunch on Monday the 18th and the last one arrived shortly after midnight, but we still did the all night party thing, as we were cautiously anticipating the possibility of another late arrival.  Willow did excellent with delivering the pups and they have all taken to nursing very quickly.  We were also pleasantly surprised to have an extra small one, with Lil' Miss Pink Princess being about half the size of her littermates.  Although small,  she seems to be strong and nursing well.  We are happy to show them all off and let you enjoy how unique each one is.