Maple and Timber's 2024 Litter

We are pleased to present Miss Maple's Litter of 12, with 5 girls and 7 boys.

Date of Birth - March 13th

Selection process - April 17th  and after

Pick up begins - May 2nd or after

Flights begin - May 9th or after

Our current waiting list has pups going to 11 different states, from these current litters. We expect the state list to grow as the pup's arrival gets nearer (possibly even adding a Province in Canada like the last litter and some previous others on occasion)  

We are planning the days that we can drive pups and make a delivery time to meet up with families.  When we deliver pups, we can cost share the transport charge whenever we have more than 1 pup going the same way.  We are planning to make day trips to:

May 14th to Remington IN at noon 

May 16th to Knoxville TN (mid-morning) and Atlanta GA early afternoon

May 18th  to Morgantown WV  at noon

May 21st  to Nashville TN (mid-morning) and Jackson TN about noonish

The above trips will work for the age of pups from either Maple or Willow's litter.

If you drive to us, we are blocking out some days for pick up here in person, those preferred days are May 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th and June 1st.  

If you plan to fly in, let us know and we'll see what we can work out.

We will make a longer trip west.....

May 23rd  to St Louis, MO (noonish) and Kansas City, KS (evening)

May 24th to Hays KS (noonish) and Denver CO (evening)

May 25th  to Salina UT(mid-morning) and Salt Lake City UT (evening)

May 27th to Boise ID (noonish) and Bend OR (evening)

We will let you know if these plans need to change.  We are trying to give as much advance notice as we can to accommodate whatever we can on your schedules.  

Update April 17

We are uploading the play time video and a seperate "pick" video to begin the selection process for these pups.

Update April 13

We have another video of these pups.  Look at them go!  This is a "new" space for them, so at the start of the video, pay attention and you'll notice their reservation about it until they get acclimated.  They adjust very well and then there's no looking back for them all.

Update April 5th

Check out the pup's size compared to the "Paddington Puppy" bear for scale.  They have just sprouted some teeth through their swollen gums and we have begun the very gradual process of introducing them to soft foods.   Now that they can really move away from momma and don't need her help to go potty, they have graduated from their whelping box and blankets to having access to the full space with shavings.  We have tried so many different options to keep their spaces clean and sanitary.  So far, we have yet to find anything we like better than wood shavings.  It's like a giant hamster room for the puppies and you can tell they love the cleanliness.  For the beginning of this video, I tried to get them all together at the same time, which is very tricky, and then they were off moving about as they pleased.  Some of the pups had just finished a big meal with momma and were content to just snooze for the video.   Enjoy their baby blue eyes at this stage.  They will change from this color, to a more green shade, then to their typical Vizsla brown color as they get older.  You may notice some "fur variation" on some of the pups.  There were a couple of places on under their fur that got patch of "cradle cap" type scenario and dried out their coat.  As we softened and cleaned those spots, some of their fur thinned out.  It's already growing back and we think they will be good to go in no time.  Their personalities are just starting to bud out like the spring blossoms around here.  We can tell each one is really starting to figure out this big world around them.  They are all experimenting with each other as a wrestling team and chew toy.  The pups have had their second nail trim and that is getting easier each time, due to the ENS work and regular human handling/interaction that we intentionally implement with the pups.  If you are not sure what Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is, you can look some of it up.  We have always been intentional about our approach with working with the pups to be prepared for the human world that they are a part of.

Update March 29th

We decided to do a quick little update video before the weekend to let you see the progress of these pups from the last few days.    Can you tell there's no "boundaries" with pups.  They wriggle anywhere they can, anyhow they can and any direction they want.  

Update March 25

Miss Maple's pups are 2 weeks old and their eyes are opening!  They are getting more mobile everyday and are strong enough to do a very wobbly puppy walk.  Enjoy this week's video update!

Update March 16

We are so happy to share the details of Miss Maple's new litter that has 7 boys and 5 girls.  She went into full labor during the day Tuesday and shortly after midnight, the first pups began arriving.  So all the pups were born during Katie's all night party with the last pup arriving about noon, Wed March 13th.   We feel blessed that all the pups arrived without any complications and are all above average in size.  They have taken to nursing quickly and are healing well from their recent Vet appt to have their tails and dewclaws done.  We are beginning to start their early neurological stimulation and will share more of the details of that as it progresses.  Thanks for watching!